Shi-Dan Zhu
19th Sep


Shi-Dan Zhu

Research profile:

I joined the research group in 2016, and my research interest focuses on xylem and leaf hydraulics of tropical and subtropical forest tree species. As a consequence of global warming, rainfall seasonality in tropical and lower subtropical regions in southern and southwestern China result in significant seasonal drought with increasing frequency and intensity, which in turn brought profound impacts on tree survival, forest composition, and ecosystem function in those regions. By investigating plant hydraulic characteristics and monitoring their seasonal patterns of water status, we could understand the degree of forests’ vulnerability to seasonal drought. Our researches are to reveal the adaptation of tropical and lower subtropical plants and the changes of forest compositions in response to climate change, and to provide guidelines for forest management and vegetation restoration in heavily-degraded areas.

Research Projects

[1] Plant hydraulics of tropical and subtropical forests across Guangxi province, granted by Guangxi University (Principal Investigator)

[2] Xylem hydraulics of woody plants from tropical and lower subtropical forests and their hydraulic response to seasonal drought, granted by National Science Foundation of China (Principal Investigator)

[3] Water relations and drought tolerance of woody plants from different successional stages of subtropical forests, granted by National Science Foundation of China (Principal Investigator)

Curriculum Vitae

[1] 2005-2010, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden; Degree: Ph.D. of Natural Science; Specialization: Plant Eco-physiology; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Kunfang Cao; Thesis title: Comparison of leaf traits, hydraulic architecture and photosynthesis between lianas and trees in tropical seasonal rain forests

[2] 2001-2005, Henan Agricultural University; Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture; Specialization: Agricultural Resource and Environment

Work experience

[1] 2016-present, Junior professor in Plant Ecophysiology and Evolution Group, College of Forestry, Guangxi University

[2] 2010-2015, Assistant professor in Ecology and Environment Science Center, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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Contact details:

Dr. Shi-Dan Zhu
Junior Professor
Plant Ecophysiology & Evolution Group
State Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresources
College of Forestry, Guangxi University
Nanning, Guangxi 530005
PR China

Email: zhushidan <at>

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