Professor Cao Kunfang, PI & Group Leader
KunfangResearch profile:
After joining Guangxi University in 2013, I have set up a new research group within the College of Forestry in Nanning, which focuses on the interplay between plant ecophysiology and plant evolution. My main research interests include the ecophysiology of tropical and subtropical plants in rainforests, dry forests and savanna systems…Read more


Dr. Zhu Shi-Dan, Junior Professor
Research profile:
I joined the research group in 2016, and my research interest focuses on xylem and leaf hydraulics of tropical and subtropical forest tree species. As a consequence of global warming, rainfall seasonality in tropical and lower subtropical regions in southern and southwestern China result in significant seasonal drought with increasing frequency….Read more


Dr. Joeri Sergej Strijk, Associate Professor
JoeriResearch profile:
I joined the research group in 2014 and the main focus of my research is on tropical Asian Fagaceae. My research encompasses comparative genomics and the development of new molecular markers from genomic data, phylogeographic reconstruction and molecular dating of Fagaceae lineages that range from the foothills of the Himalayas to…Read more


Dr. Uromi Manage Goodale, Associate Professor
UromiResearch profile:
My primary research interest is in plant physiological mechanisms underlying the ecological properties of species, communities and ecosystems. At Guangxi University, I will be focusing on the water relations of seeds during the germination, seedling emergence and seedling development. I have developed specific…Read more


Dr. Jun-Jie Zhu, Associate Professor
Research profile:
In the last eight years, I have been working as quality supervisor at the Sugarcane and Product Quality Inspection and Test Center of the China Ministry of Agriculture in Guangxi. I recently joined the Plant Ecophysiology and Evolution Group of the College of Forestry, Guangxi University. My major research interest is photosynthetic performance of…Read more


Dr. Alison K.S. Wee, Associate Professor
Alison WeeResearch profile:
My research interest focuses on gene flow and genetic adaptation in plants within the context of anthropogenic disturbances and climate change. At Guangxi University, I plan to apply ecological genomics approaches to understand adaptation and species survival, in particular on patterns of adaptive variation in natural populations of….Read more


Dr. Guo-Feng Jiang, Researcher/Lecturer
GuofengResearch profile:
I have been working as a research member and Lecturer of Ecology in Guangxi University since 2013. My research encompasses ecophysiology of plants (such as water relations and hydraulics of mangroves), molecular plant-microbe interactions, and I am preparing to do conduct research in evolutionary analyses of plant functional traits…Read more


Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Damien Daniel Roland Hinsinger, Postdoctoral researcher
Damien.Research profile:
My main research interest is to understand how biodiversity we observe today has evolved. For example, is disjunct biogeography due to neutral (geological or climatic events) or to selective pressures (divergent selection)? What is the time-scale of diversification for a group of species, like a genus? Did climatic variation…Read more


Xin Jiang, research topic: Evolution of hydraulic structure and the ecological adaptation of Rhizophoraceae.
XinResearch profile:
I joined the group recently and I am currently formulating a research plan and proposal which will focus on the evolution of hydraulics and the ecological adaptation of Rhizophoraceae…Read more

Tijana Cvetkovic, research topic: Evolution of genomic diversity in Dipterocarpaceae.
Tijana CvetkovicResearch profile:
I joined the group recently and I am currently formulating a research plan and proposal which will focus on the evolution of genomic diversity in Dipterocarpaceae.

Bing Leng, research topic: Water use and its regulation in mangrove trees with different salt management mechanism.

De-Wen Qin, research topic: Evolution of hydraulic structure and the physiological functioning of basal angiosperms.

Research Associates:

Chen Ying, research topics: Tissue culture, asymbiotic seed germination of orchids, and the biophysiological process of seed germination to seedling development in flowering plants. Read more

Master Students:

Yin Wen, research topic: The evolution of hydraulic structure and physiolocal function in Schisandraceae.Read more


Shang-Qing Tian, research topic: Photosynthesis and physiological properties of Camellia nitidissima – providing a theoretical basis for its artificial cultivation.Read more

Jing-Ting Cao, research topic: Ecophysiology and hydraulic architecture of basal angiosperm lineages.Read more