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Courses taught by Professor Cao kunfang:


Course taught by Associate Professor Joeri S. Strijk and Associate Professor Alison K.S. Wee:

COURSE TITLE: Biological Exploration and Biodiversity Research

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COURSE PORTAL – Biological Exploration and Biodiversity Research

Course taught by Associate Professor Uromi Goodale:

COURSE TITLE: Conservation Biology

This class will explore the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The aim of conservation is protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from excessive rates of extinction and the erosion of biotic interactions. The class will focus on interdisciplinary subjects drawn from natural and social sciences, and the practice of natural resource management generally and specifically to East Asia. Topics covered include: 1) the environmental history and physical and biological geography of the region, 2) the ecology of animals and plants, 3) energy, carbon and nutrient flow, 4) threats to biodiversity, and 4) how to address the issue of conserving all the species while 3) taking key economic and ethical tradeoffs in to consideration. Special attention will be paid to current debates and controversies as is relevant to East Asia.

Courses taught by teacher Jiang Guofeng: